This Old Boat, Second Edition: Completely Revised and Expanded (International Marine-RMP)

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Sometimes, simply using the incorrect parts, such as a damper or timing cover, will result in a timing error. Dampers, especially on older engines have been known to slip the outer ring and lose their alignment when the rubber portion gets old and brittle. Luckily few of our marine engines use automotive dampers. Our next test will be a simple non-firing test.

Disable the ignition so the engine will not start. Typically, we do this by disconnecting the coil wire from the coil. Remove the air cleaner element then back off the throttle stop or idle screw adjustment until the throttle blades are completely closed. Close the idle air bleed screws if so equipped. Remember to count the turns on both the idle stop screw as well as the idle air mixture screws so you can restore the settings after the test.

Next, if your engine has a PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve, block the valve so it is inoperable otherwise it will influence your readings. Remove the oil dipstick and plug the dipstick hole with a tapered rubber plug to prevent any leaks. Engage the starter and spin the engine over, while watching the vacuum gage. On a good engine, you should see approximately 10 in-Hg.

The reading should be steady and not fluctuate. If your engine produces less, look for a leak such as a loose fitting or leaky intake gasket. Leaky vacuum lines or fittings, or incorrect valve timing will cause this value to be low. In the case of improper valve timing, check the timing marks on your camshaft gears to determine if your camshaft is properly installed.

If the cam is installed misaligned with the crank by one tooth, the engine will typically run, just not very well. Worn throttle shafts in the carburetor can also create a leak. It is also important to have a freshly charged battery and be able to spin your engine over at a normal starting RPM. If the vacuum reading fluctuates or pulses, you probably have a problem with an individual cylinder or possibly a few cylinders.

This could be a stuck valve, a burned piston, broken rings or worn valve guides.

Welcome New Member Yachts | Classic Yacht Association

Here we should note that on 6 cylinder and 4 cylinder engines, you will experience some pulsing due to the fewer number of cylinders. A V8 will produce a relatively stable vacuum reading. Before the next test, you will need to restore the engine to running condition. After the engine is warm, read your vacuum gauge. You should see a steady reading of somewhere between in-Hg. If the needle is rapidly fluctuating between in-Hg, it indicates worn valve stems or valve guides.

If this cures the condition, look for carburetor adjustment at idle. The other area which can affect the vacuum is ignition or spark timing problems.

Sep/Oct 12222 Edition

Check to make sure all the cylinders are firing properly. Use the timing light and check the spark timing. An inexpensive hand held infra red thermal gun Fig. If the fluctuations are larger, in-Hg for example look for a more serious issue such as broken or weak valve springs. If the pulsing gets shorter and more rapid, check for carburetor or manifold leaks or sticking valves. If your engine uses a vacuum advance distributor, it is simple to check the vacuum to the distributor.

Use a tee fitting and plug it in the line just before the distributor. If there is little or no vacuum at idle, you may have a plugged or broken line. This will limit your vacuum advance and greatly affect your performance. Once you have confirmed the vacuum reading, remove the gauge and install a timing light and start the engine.

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As you rev up the engine watch the timing move as it advances along with the RPM. This will confirm that your timing is advancing.

The N4. Which gave us the highest possible torque and hence the lowest possible cruising rpm. For more information about Nanni contact Steve Shale steve marinediesel. French manufacturer Nanni Diesel has been a market leader in diesel engine marinisation and packaging since it was established in Long standing relationships with Kubota and Toyota for the supply of base engines has seen them win a significant share of the global marine engine market in the applicable power ranges.

Busy Show Time Ahead

Nanni Diesel was introduced into the Australian market in by Sydney based Nanni Diesel Australia, who continue their exclusive rights to the Kubota and Toyota based range from 10 to hp. In Nanni Diesel established a relationship with John Deere for the supply of base engines which has allowed them to increase their range of offerings in the hp to hp range.

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This expansion in power offerings has seen them grow their market share further, including the signing of supply contracts for these new models with large volume vessel manufacturers like the Beneteau group. In November of Marine Diesel signed an agreement with Nanni Diesel for the exclusive Australian distribution rights of their engine models which are based on the John Deere platform.

This will enable Marine Diesel to leverage their already extensive knowledge of the John Deere product and combine with the added value that Nanni Diesel brings through their packaging skills. Thus further expanding the range of vessel applications for which they can supply complete power solutions.

For more information about this years Sancturay Cove International Boat Show or to purchase tickets visit sanctuarycoveboatshow.

We have just added the above new service vehicle to our fleet of utes. The new edition will allow for us to provide a more expanded service to our valued clientele. She was sold to a private owner in , who then spent 2 years reconfiguring her as a pleasure cruiser by extending the hull and rebuilding the superstructure.

She was re-launched in as a 44' bridge deck cruiser, spending time on Moreton Bay and cruising Harvey Bay in She was purchased by her current owner in and is now based out of Raby Bay Marina, Cleveland. She has undergone 3 major refits with the latest being a replacement of the original Grey Marine 2 stroke diesel engine original vintgage with a brand new John Deere 6.

Which apart from giving her a cruising speed of 8. As for the Grey Marine 2 stroke diesel engine, it has been donated to the Maritime Museum in South Brisbane to take its place in history. For more information in regards to this products, please contact Glynn parts marinediesel. This complements the range of air filter elements we already stock for these systems.

For more information, check out the Product Brochure here. For more information or to buy tickets, visit sanctuarycoveboatshow. Chances are it is powered by an ever reliable John Deere engine. Are you needing service, repairs, overhauls or parts? Who will you turn to? The local outboard mechanic who happens to have the gen-set assemblers placard hung above his door?

We live and breathe John Deere engines, and specialise in the marine environment. Contact us today on 07 or steve marinediesel. Vetus have proudly release their redesigned M-Line of engines to the marine diesel market. A combination of redesign and innovation is reflected in new modern engines designed to meat the future market. All new engines are now availabe Ex Capalaba. Christmas is just around the corner, with less then 10 working weeks til the big red man visits, our schedule is booking out fast. So if your engines or gen set are due for a service or thinking about an early christmas present in the form of an upgrade or new engine, give us a call today!

We have a limited number of Cummins M11 everquiet filters, direct cummins replacements. For more information call or email parts marinediesel. For information, pricing or availability for all John Deere spare parts please contact Glynn Hurley - Parts Manager parts marinediesel. Late last year we posted an article on our newsfeed about one of our many happy clients, Ken Petch, owner of a trawler yacht called 'Noble Tasman'. Ken was so impressed with the engine and its performance, when he was approached by his mate and writer Andrew Norton to do an article, he happily obliged.

So Ken's boat, the engine and installation were featured in an article inTrade-a-Boat magazine. When it came time to upgrade his Auxilary wing engine, Ken was straight on to Steve to check out what the John Deere engine range had to offer.

Turning an old boat into an adventure machine!

Ken settled on The John Deere Power Tech T, a straight turbocharged indirect injection engine, displacing cc and developing 66 brake horsepower at rpm. An industrial engine with enough power to get him home in the event the main engine failed. Andrew Norton from Trade-A-Boat, has yet again penned another brilliant and detailed article on the many features this engine has to offer.

For anyone considering a John Deere Industrial engine, this article is a great read. Its almost that time of the year again The must see event of the Boating Calendar is almost here. In its 27th year, The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show promises to be more extravagant and prestigious then ever. And we would expect nothing less then extravagance. The Marine Diesel stand will be featured in a brand new outdoor marquee.

For more information or to buy tickets refer to the website www. To book please contact the office on 07 or email admin marinediesel.