Post-Soviet Russia: A Journey Through the Yeltsin Era

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  1. Post-Soviet Russia: A Journey Through the Yeltsin Era
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The Russian government, through poorly run privatization schemes has created a new world of haves and have nots, with few people in between. Most people Garrels meets around Chelyabinsk live from paycheck to paycheck, contrasting wildly from nouveau rich Russians who thrive even in times of economic turmoil.

Post-Soviet Russia: A Journey Through the Yeltsin Era

But for either party, their daily life leave little time to dwell on human rights violations, government reforms or other pressing social concerns. Economic transitions have been difficult. The focus on devastated rural and peripheral industrial centers is a timely critique in the wake of what seems like a worldwide protest against neoliberal globalist values.

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Many families never fully recovered from the economic and emotional shock of the collapse of the Soviet Union and cannot escape poverty, corruption and crime. The remedies for their economic condition remain few, and some find consolation in vodka, illegal drugs or numerous religious sects that have sprung up all over Russia since the s. Putin in many ways brought stability to Russia, and for now, it seems people are willing to be stoic in their stance against the West. The Russia she explores is a stark contrast from the isolated and self-sufficient Soviet space of the early s.

Boris Yeltsin - The Making of a Leader (2001 Documentary)

Putin Country serves as both a model and cautionary tale. On the one hand, Russia can still be considered a moderately successful industrial nation.

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It survived transition without initiating all-out war. On the other, its human rights record is shaky, the industry is in shambles, and the gap between the powerful and the powerless is such that it is a warning for other states going through massive transitions.

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    8. He offered security, pride, imported goods, travel abroad and a false sense of Russian greatness. The post-Soviet myths had no place for any collective atonement for the terrors of Soviet history. That, Mr. A serious student of theater until he took up journalism, he fills his book with anecdotes, conversations and a delightful cast of Russian characters, all of whom he seems to have known and interviewed at some point.

      Post-Soviet Russia: A Journey Through the Yeltsin Era [FULL]

      In addition to the many well-known actors, there are the hacks, like Alexander Nevzorov, a master of television spin with no identifiable ethics; or Yevgenia Albats and Natalia Gevorkyan, female reporters who courageously took on the K. But there are not many heroes in this story. The few shining lights include Andrei D. In the early s, Medvedev was engaged in samizdat publications.

      He was critical of the unscientific nature of Lysenkoism. Medvedev was expelled from the Communist Party in after his book Let History Judge was published abroad. The book criticized Stalin and Stalinism at a time when official Soviet propagandists were trying to rehabilitate the former General Secretary. Let History Judge reflected the dissident thinking that emerged in the s among Soviet intellectuals who, like Medvedev, sought a reformist version of socialism.

      He announced his position, along with Andrei Sakharov and others, in an open letter to the Soviet leadership in Zhores, a dissident biologist, was questioned in the hospital about his involvement with samizdat, and his book The Rise and Fall of T.

      Putin Country: A Journey Into the Real Russia

      Zhores was exiled to Britain in the s. Roy rejoined the Communist Party in , after Mikhail Gorbachev launched his perestroika and glasnost program of gradual political and economic reforms. He was elected to the Soviet Union's Congress of People's Deputies and was named as member of the Supreme Soviet , the permanent working body of the Congress. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in Medvedev and dozens of other former communist deputies of the Soviet and Russian parliaments founded the Socialist Party of Working People, and became a co-chair of the party.

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      For other people with the same name, see Medvedev.