IIS 6 Administration

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  1. Hardware and performance
  2. Opening IIS Manager | Microsoft Docs
  3. How to properly configure Microsoft IIS 7.5 with Elastic Email
  4. Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager for Windows XP

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Hardware and performance

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Setting Up a 2008 Web Server - Internet Information Services (IIS)

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Opening IIS Manager | Microsoft Docs

NET strategy, you could even see performance gains of 75 percent. This month, I introduce you to some of the more exciting features of IIS 6. Working with Metabase. Starting with.

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Fortunately, this new format doesn't mean that your current scripts and tools will no longer work. You'll also get the added benefit of improved performance because the binary metabase's hierarchical structure makes the file slow to read from and write to. Other benefits of an XML-formatted plaintext metabase are. The file contains a wealth of information.

How to properly configure Microsoft IIS 7.5 with Elastic Email

I've included a sample metabase. In earlier versions of IIS, changes to the metabase aren't reflected until you restart the Web site. One of the best features of IIS 6. This feature lets you edit metabase. When you save your changes, they immediately go into effect; you don't need to restart the server. I put this feature to the test immediately after installing. On this tab, you enable direct metabase editing.

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  • IIS 6 Administration!
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By default, the Direct Metabase Edit feature is disabled, most likely because of the security implications of an authenticated user with Write privileges making a naive mistake. After enabling direct metabase editing, I tested the feature by creating a Web application that had a virtual directory.

Using a text editor, I found the spot in the metabase file where the application should reside by navigating through the XML schema toward the bottom of metabase. I pasted the XML code that Listing 1 shows into metabase. After I saved the. Figure 2 shows the new site and virtual directory in the Internet Information Services snap-in.

Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager for Windows XP

Although I pasted the new XML code into the section of metabase. I speculate that this placement is how IIS 6. Backup and Restore with Metabase. Click Next twice. Click Next then click Install. The IIS 6. Click the box to enable logging section to assist you in configuring the server. Click OK. Click on the Access tab then click the Relay button in the Relay Restrictions section. Click Add, enter The IP will appear in the list with Access Granted. Click on OK to return to the Access tab as shown in the previous screenshots.

Select the Delivery tab and click the Outbound Security button. Click on Basic Authentication where the Username will be your Elastic Email username and the password will be your Elastic email password. Click the Advanced button. In the Smart host field: enter smtp.